Changing Your Limiting Beliefs Is Essential To Using The Law Of Attraction

We all know that changing your limiting beliefs is the key to ending the sabotage of our law of attraction efforts.  After all, if we believe that we will fail, the Universe will send us circumstances that reflect our belief.

In order to get the most out of life, we must take decisive action to attack, and overcome, our limiting beliefs.  These beliefs can be deeply rooted and stubborn, but they can be eliminated with a commitment to change.

Let’s look at how we can work at changing our limiting beliefs for good.

Lack Of Self Confidence Sabotages Success

A healthy level of self confidence will allow you us grow and adapt to adversity. The problem is that many of us grew up without the self confidence to overcome many of the challenges that stand in the way of our success.  We simply do not know how to stop negative thoughts because we know nothing different.

For instance, many of us have limiting belief about acquiring or keeping money.  We spend a lot of time making spending decisions while taking no time to prepare a balanced budget or wisely save and invest a portion of what we earn.

I believe this reflects a limiting belief about money.  Subconsciously, we do not believe that we deserve to be wealthy.  If we believe that wealth is not possible, abundance will continue to elude us.  Changing your limiting beliefs about money is the only way to reverse this spiral into poverty and debt.

Our Thoughts Influence Our Actions

While we might believe that our thoughts are harmless; thoughts are tangible things.  They produce brainwaves that can be measured.  Most importantly, they cause us to take empowering or self-defeating actions.

Remember a time where you had to get up early to make an important appointment?    If you were looking forward to the event, you were able to get up on time (or even early).  However, if you dreaded the appointment, you would likely sleep through the alarm and barely make it to the appointment on time (if at all).

We subconsciously influence our actions (good or bad) by virtue of how we feel about the future.  Adopting a positive mental attitude is the key to success even under adverse conditions.

Changing Your Limiting Beliefs

It is one thing to be aware of your limiting thoughts and actions.  However, changing your limiting beliefs is easier said than done.

Often, we formed these limiting beliefs in childhood.  We may not even consciously remember their origins.  However, we have to learn how to think positive thoughts and take positive action in order to change our life for good.  Overcoming limiting beliefs is an essential first step on this journey.

Associate Pleasure With Pain

First, turn your limiting beliefs into positive thoughts and actions.

For instance if your goal is to workout, combine the pain of working out with the anticipation of a relaxing massage thereafter.  Or, perhaps you could buy that little black dress and hang it next to your workout clothes.

Changing your limiting beliefs about working out, will motivate you to look at the long term payoff of working out rather than the short term “pain” of working out.

Fake It Until Your Make It

Sometimes, it is important to “act as if” you are already in possession of that which you desire.  This is the universal law of attraction at work.

History is full of examples of successful people who faked it ‘til they made it.  They learned how to think positive thoughts even though the Universe had not yet manifested success.  Changing your limiting beliefs works in exactly the same way.

For example, if you work at a job that you hate, change your attitude about the job and your co-workers.  Attitude is a thought and you can control your thoughts.  Look for the positive aspects in your job in order to make it more enjoyable. It may not be your ideal job, make the best of it until you are able to change your situation.   Fake it until circumstances change or you can find a more suitable job.

Changing your limiting beliefs by having a positive mental attitude will attract the best in your co-workers.  Your circumstances (or your perception of your circumstances) will change for the better.

Changing Your Limiting Beliefs Is Essential For The Law Of Attraction

If you can learn how to stop negative thoughts, then you will begin to dismantle the limiting believes that keep you from the path or success and abundance.

Every negative thought will cause a negative result.  Some of these actions (like laziness) are internally motivated.  Other results (like negative people and circumstances) simply reflect the Universal law of attraction at work giving you what you believe that you deserve.

Changing your limiting beliefs is the first step to taking positive, decisive action.  Take a step in faith and the universal law of attraction will do the rest.

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