Quantum Physics And The Law Of Attraction

What do you need to know about the law of attraction and quantum physics?

These concepts are not as impossible to comprehend as you might think. Quantum theory is the basis for the study of quantum physics. Quantum theory is defined as a set of principles which describe the physical reality at subatomic and atomic levels of matter.

When you study quantum physics, you will be tapping into clues regarding the fundamental natures of the universe. Put simply, quantum theory deals with the study of behavior of matter and energy from the subatomic levels. This field shows us that our universe is quite different than the world which we can see. “Quantum” actually means “how much”.  This is meant to explain indivisible discrete units of energy.

Physicists in this field are lessons that mystics and shamans have known throughout history. The physicists are now beginning to fit the knowledge together in a different way that makes sense in our time-space reality.

The more they look into the submicroscopic word, the more obvious it is becoming that the world is a system of always moving, inseparable, and interacting parts.

Most importantly, they are learning that the “observer” (you and me) are the most important part of the system.  This is how quantum physics explains the law of attraction.  We get what we believe we will get.  We observe our reality and change it by virtue of our judgement and belief.

Matter Is Actually Energy

It was once taught by physicists that the atom was made up of additional atoms, those being the protons, electrons and neutrons which we know so well. They said that these were the smallest components of matter. Today, we have learned that this is not a true fact. Atoms can be broken down further into the particles that are called “quarks”. These particles are made up of energy.

All things at the quantum level are composed of energy. Space that appears to be empty is not.  It is actually full of energy. Scientists have learned that energy increases as you go to more subtle level of matter.

This is why nuclear energy is a million times stronger than chemical energy. Scientists are now saying that energy is one cubic centimeter of empty space is greater than the energy in all of the known Universe.

Some individuals claim to be able to see this energy.  These mystics see energy in the form of auras and chakras surrounding the bodies of other people. The science of quantum physics is finally confirming what seers and mystics have preached for ages.

The Characteristics of Energy

There are some things which are certain about the characteristics of energy. Here is a brief list of what we know:

  1. Energy may not be created or destroyed.
  2. Energy is always passing into form, through form or out of form.
  3. Energy acts as waves, which are known as “frequencies”.
  4. Depending on how fast or slow the vibration is, the energy will vibrate at various frequencies.
  5. The waves of energy are attracted to waves of the same frequencies.

You can see this if you hit a tuning fork. The other forks which are calibrated to the same frequency also will resonate.  This also occurs when you place a wine glass near energy that is of a certain frequency. The wine glass will vibrate until it resonates so much that the glass shatters.

The Universe Is Composed of Energy

Energy is a wave which is attracted to energy that vibrates along the same frequency. All of the matter in our Universe contains energy waves, even something solid such as a chair.

In fact, there are no objects which are entirely solid, they only appear to be so.

All things in the universe are vibrating. Quantum physicists have observed that everything is made up of one energy which vibrates at different frequencies. Within our centers, we have absolute vibrating energy.

Certain wavelengths are  in the form of a computer, a house, a couch, and various other things that we see around us. However, it is all just a form of the same energy.

Quantum Physics And Einstein’s Theory

The famous equation of Einstein confirms that there is a relationship between matter and energy.

This equation is learned today in every high school science class: E = MC2.  Put in simple terms, Einstein stated that energy equals mass times a constant (that being the speed of light squared). Within small amounts of mass, there are large quantities of energy.

A common application of this theory is seen in the development of nuclear weapons. These weapons can vaporize whole cities by splitting just one little atom. You can manipulate this equation to find mass, as well. Clearly, quantum physics affirms that mass may be derived from energy.

Quantum mechanics and the law of attraction prove that we have become Creators of the Universe. Einstein’s formula explains a relationship between matter and energy, specifically that there interchangeable. Energy actually can be influenced by our thoughts.

Since we are Creators, we can mold and shape the Energy to fit our thoughts. We then are able to transform the Energy of our thoughts, into an Energy of our reality. The law of attraction and physics are intricately related.

Uncertainty Principle and the Observer Effect

Quantum physics is known as the physics of possibility.

While we are conditioned to believe that the internal world is not as real as the external, quantum physics states the opposite as true. This field says that we shape our world through our thoughts. Once we learn that everything is possible; and, we focus on what we would like to attract, we can bring into existence whatever we desire.

Scientists studying quantum physics learned that the smallest particles appear to defy reasoning and the guidelines which we have come to recognize in our world. These particles actually behaved differently when they were watched.

The act of watching is said to make them behave in different ways. This reveals that what we think of as “set in stone”, may be altered according to our inner vibrations.

There is something known as the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, or Indeterminacy. The main point of it is that regardless of how hard you try, you may not find a precise measurement of position and velocity. When you focus on one of these, you will become lost in uncertainty of the other measurement.

With our very involvement in our world, and the act of observing and noticing thing, we transform potential into real.  The quantum mechanics law of attraction theory states that we can match our vibration of thoughts and cause them to manifest in a matter of time.

Observer Effect: How Thoughts Influence Reality

Thoughts such as joy, gratitude, love, and anger affect the universe, and the law of attraction works at matching them up.

Thoughts of gratitude actually can change your body’s physiology. They may increase the antibodies that you produce. This can help you to be more focused and less vulnerable to depression. Your blood pressure and heart rate also may be positively affected. Also, you may heal faster when you have such thoughts.

Quantum physics and manifestation are intertwined.

Quantum Physics Explains Law Of Attraction

It is generally accepted that four processes make up the law of attraction.

First, the person must know just what they want. Then, he or she must ask the universe for this. He must visualize the desired outcome; then,  he must act as if this already belongs to him or her. Finally, he or she has to be open to receiving the objects of desire.

In quantum physics, nothing is fixed and there are no limitations. Everything is considered to be energy, and the law of attraction states that we can attract what we want into our lives.

We can create our own universe, and though quantum physics is a complex science, it can become a spiritual quest of sorts for us when coupled with the law of attraction. It may be difficult to see proof that the law of attraction works, but someday you may see for yourself that quantum physics and the law of attraction are two sides of the same coin.

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